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"While most kids go for soft drinks whenever the chances arise, I always opt for coffee in a can. I've always love coffee since young age. You may think that most kids' favourite ice-cream flavor will be chocolate, but mine was coffee. 

With true blessing, I was given a chance to move to Melbourne a few years back and from then on I took up the challenge to be a barista in one of the best coffee city in the world.

The abundance of good coffee and cafe has indeed strengthen my love for coffee even more.


A total of 3 years working alongside some of the best baristas at some amazing cafes (Cafenatics, Manchester Press, Workshop Brothers, etc) and meeting great mentors along the way had given me the skills and knowledge that I held dearly today. 

I founded 5th Sip with the purpose to not only serve good coffee in mind but also to serve coffee lovers with great Melbourne's hospitality."


5th Sip specializes in mobile specialty coffee services and we cater to all types of events from weddings to corporate events. 

At 5th Sip we pledge to brew you the best cup of coffee, committing to give you and your guests a one of a kind service and an experience we will all be gladly to take home.

5th Sip Founder, barista from Melbourne

Founder, Peggy Chow

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